Pope Francis’ Letter “DESIDERIO DESIDERAVI” has caused a stir on print media, on social media and elsewhere. Many are curious what direction is Pope Francis leading the Church. There are many questions and reflections regarding the Pope’s authority as the successor of Peter, the Collegial authority of the Bishops as successors of Apostles, and the role of the laity in the highest positions of the church. Is the letter Disiderio Desideravi, opening with this statement, “My dearest brothers and sisters, with this letter I desire to reach you all – after having written already only to the bishops after the publication of the Motu Proprio Traditionis custodes – and I write to share with you some reflections on the liturgy, a dimension fundamental for the life of the Church”, addressing the Liturgical reform or is it addressing the ecclesial reform?

Read the letter of Pope Francis available on Vatican Website:


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