Edit Response

1. Upcoming Events: cannot be edited. ( I have fixed the problem: Please login- Go Under ” Events Management” – Click “Add New” Note: don’t forget to delete the test Events published

2. Latest News: I tried adding an event on (Upcoming Events), it appears on Latest News instead
of Upcoming Events. ( I have fixed the problem: Please login- Go Under ” News Management” – Click “Add New”

3. Latest News: please check if it works as it is supposed to ( I have fixed the problem: After you publish a new News Article – Please visit the Home / Welcome page you will see appearing on correct section)

4. Twitter widget: please activate live widget / link (I’m still working on that widget/ will let you know once its done, for now you can just click the image the it will redirect to twitter platform)

5. There is a problem with latest gallery (I have noticed some issues with that plugin, I’m still working on it. Remember its suppose to be pull photos from Instagram)

6. My Instagram isn’t working as it used to; My Instagram doesn’t automatically share photos with
Facebook anymore (That issue on Facebook and Instagram developers / platforms, we no control over there!!)

7. I can access Parishes and Convents to update the information (After you login: Please go under pages then visit “Parishes and Convents” and click Edit )

8. In fact, I don’t know how to access the menu in order to be able to edit it. ( I have Added that Menu)

9. Lastly, the Diocesan Administrator is asking if it is safe to put banking details on the website. I told
him that it is safe because in my knowledge we did not published information that is private or
sensitive or that can make our account accessible to hackers. Can you affirm that it is safe, our banks
can’t be hacked.  (That’s correct because banking details can be shared to every one expect the login credentials!! }

So far this is what I have.